About Marieke
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About Marieke

Marieke’s Certifications:

The International Coach Academy, Certified Professional Coach, 2009

The Bert Hellinger Institute, System Dynamics in Organisations, Family Constellations 2010-2012

Primary Reflex Therapy (RPRM) by Margaret Mulder 2017-2018

Rapid Transformational Therapy (professional London), Certified hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist 2019

Magnetic Mind Certification, Magnetic Mind Coach and Superconscious Healer 2020

The Demartini Method Training Program, Demartini Method Facilitator 2021

Compassion Key Level 1 Certification 2022

Compassion Key Master Practitioner and Circle Leader 2022-2023

NPA Mastery Training 2023

Continued Education

Impacting Leaders, Michael Neill

Duality, Jeffrey Allen

Create your Destiny, William Whitecloud

Alchemy for Succes, William Whitecloud

Creative Warrior, William Whitecloud

Mastery, William Whitecloud

Razor’s Edge, William Whitecloud

Power Through Values, Alana Demartini

The Essence of Healing, Dr. John Demartini

The Breakthrough Experience, Dr. John Demartini

The LightWorker Accelerator™, Edward Mannix

Marieke lives in Amsterdam together with her incredible husband and 2 beautiful kids. Always in search for truth, innovation and methods that really work she continues to educate herself.

She loves meditating, traveling, driving fast cars, connecting to the Unified Field, writing, Wim Hof Method, all things Italian -> wine/food/coffee and lively conversations, reading, being out in nature and going on exciting adventures.

It is my mission to combine all my training, education, knowledge, wisdom and intuition to help people be completely comfortable in their own skin, reach a level of complete self love and acceptance and  support and challenge them to find the sparkle in their lives that truly inspires them, sets them free to create the life they love.

It is my firm belief that we are all here for a reason with a set of unique talents and gifts to live according to our true nature and purpose.

All it takes is making the choice, the true choice to live your true nature and purpose and create what makes your heart sing.

My readings and coaching will help you define that true choice, shed light on the steps that will lead you there and help you create the structure that will solidify your success. My coaching will provide you with questions that open your heart to a new level of knowing your truth, it will provide you with tools for life, tangible results, insights into yourself and the steps to take so you can create the life YOU love, according to YOUR rules, by what is right for YOU….


Can’t wait to get started to support and challenge you on your journey to creating a Life full of Love and Magic