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Working with me

It is my core belief that in order to go next level on your success in life you need a coach. I have a coach myself who holds me accountable to my truths and my mission in life and helps me go beyond what I see possible for myself.. I firmly believe our brain is not designed to look at our own blindspots, that’s why they are called blindspots. I also believe that our brain is designed to keep us safe and does so by keeping us in our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is merely what we are used to, how we have always done it.

Our comfort zone is not necessarily what we would love to do. The saying; Every success in Life is at the other side of Fear is completely true for me. We cannot see our own blindspots but we are also blind to our infinite potential. To get us to where we want to go, we need others to point us to our gifts, call us out on our bullshit, Challenge us to go next level and support us in our growth. This is not something we are designed to do on our own. We need guides, coaches, mentors and teachers who slow us down and make us become really present with ourselves. To make us step off the treadmill of our daily lives and ask us the right questions that give us the insights to our inner knowing, The right people that teach us the rules of creating a life we love… success that inspires us…. The wise, the experienced, the ‘been there done that’s’ of this world that are dedicated to serving others from an open heart, who use the right tools that make us go next level on OUR success.

Another saying that is completely true for me is; What got you here will block you on going next level. Mastering your new level requires a new perspective, a new approach. This takes thinking out of that box, creativity, going beyond. It takes getting clear on what is needed and what action steps to take to get you there, It takes a plan, living by design, not by automatic pilot. It also takes inspired action. Don’t for a minute think that I will solve your problems for you, I know that you hold all the answers, I know that you know exactly what it is that you want, I know that deep down you know what inspired action to take…. So I will not try to fix whatever you perceive is wrong with you. Nor will I hold your hand while you endlessly tell your story. I will get to the point really fast, show you your potential, connect you to your inner knowing by slowing down and asking quality questions, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

My highest values in life are Coaching, Teaching and Learning, The Expression of Genius. I describe the Genius to be the inner voice, the part of us that is fully aware of our gifts and talents, our innate wisdom and intuition, our creativity and ability to think outside boxes. I firmly believe we are not broken and we do not need fixing. We are all Creative Geniuses perfectly capable of living Inspired Successful Lives. I also believe we are not victims and capable of transforming any adversity into our advantage. This takes dedication, determination and complete ownership of the roles we play. The moment you start coaching with me, finger pointing to others stops. I will ask you questions that will make you take a look in the mirror and see what roles you play. This is not for the fainthearted, extreme ownership can be uncomfortable and even painful sometimes but it is what is necessary to become fully authentic and empowered, fully in the driver’s seat of your life. So if you feel you are ready for complete ownership and feel the need to transform in a way that connects you to your Creative Genius and inspired mission in Life. Fill in the application form and let’s see if we are a good match!

60 Minute Consultation (Free)

After filling in the application form and sending it to me I will review it. If I think we are a good match, I will contact you via email so we can schedule a call for the 60 Minute Consultation.

This initial hour is designed to dip your toes in, to get a feel for what it is that you would love to create, to get know each other better. To get a feel for my coaching style, the type of questions I ask and to see if you think working together with me over a longer period of time has benefits.

6 Month Program

I tailor my coaching programs to each individual client. What works for 1 person might not work for the other. With some we meet weekly others bi-weekly or monthly. During the discovery call we will discuss and I will make you an offer tailored to your specific needs.


We will start with designing what it is that you would love to create. We create a roadmap of your Heart’s Desires aligned to your Highest Values in Life. We will design your inspiring True Choices precisely. I will teach you to align your daily actions exactly according to your highest values and true choices so your days are filled from inspiration. Each session we will meet and discuss what you encounter on your Journey to living an inspired life, I will help you dive deep by asking questions and using the tools that I have found work best on my quest to living an inspired life. We will get you clear on your Mission, Your Truth, your Big Why’s in life. My way of working is not, as I have stated before, for the faint hearted, it is not for the people who do not want to take 100% responsibility in life, it is not for the people who want to blame others for why they are stuck. I have learned that it takes changing our perspectives on ourselves, others and the world and a very clear inspiring vision to go next level. We will discuss your Current Reality and the discrepancies to having and living the Life you Love according to your Vision, Any roadblocks you perceive there to be to living your true mission. We will dive deep as I ask you questions and use all the tools I have to get to your truth, so you get to know your true and authentic self better, what you truly value in life, what inspires you and what legacy you want to leave for future generations. By the end of this Genius Success program you will know your highest values in life, will have written down your mission statement and you will know how to align to this every day. You will know how to use your innate wisdom and intuition that tells your truth and how to listen to it, you will know how to use your innate wisdom and intuition to define the inspired actions steps to take every day to grow and go next level. You will be fully trained by me and know what to do.

What I know about true and sustainable change, taking 100% responsibly over your life, getting to know yourself to a degree that there is a deep sense of knowing your Truth, Values and Mission in Life takes time. We are all born in a structure that requires us to live up to other peoples standards and values. We are all conditioned to look at what other people think, want, feel and adjust accordingly. We have completely complied to the structures of society from a young age. We are not taught to question what we want in life, what is important to us, what we hold dear or what it is that we truly love to do. I also know that our true selves, our authentic nature is to be of service to others, to this planet and Life itself. People who know themselves truly and live from an open heart feel extremely fulfilled by sharing their gifts and talents with others, To live from your Highest Values inevitably means living in integrity and doing what feels right. It is my mission to help creative and ambitious people discover these truths about themselves. To live according to their authentic self and their inspired mission and purpose in Life. It is my mission to help people claim extreme ownership so they can be fulfilled and prosperous.

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