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  • Shifting long standing fears and patterns

    Marieke is a highly knowledgable and gifted healer, with a huge and generous heart! I have had several sessions with her using the Compassion Key modality in which I have shifted long-standing fears and patterns of behavior holding me back from living my most joyful, Soul-full life.
    Marieke skillfully brought in a number of other processes and modalities she uses in her work. As a result of working with Marieke, I have been able to make some big investments in my self and my work that would not have been possible otherwise.

    Kristine Backes

  • Beyond Powerful

    WOW, The Compassion Key session with Marieke was beyond powerful.
    I was guided by her genius and higher self, such amazing pure and divine intuitive abilities to the most hidden entangling parts. She is so well connected to the field and understands so well how to be in her full alignment, that she can hold space like no other. She’s incredible! And if you ask me, one of the top facilitators in my circles, I am blown away! She had amazing beneficial insights on things that happened, ways I coped with very challenging situations in my childhood. A pattern that is then engrained so deeply into my entire body system, that it it just kept on happening and I had no clue what it was. She has brought me insight and understanding on one of the most difficult patterns I was still facing, an answer to a question I’ve been holding for a very long time. I know now what to do, how to help my body and all related systems to change this overpowering massive impact when it matters most. I have regained full power on something huge! Priceless! Life changing and on top, the entire session felt so relaxing, so easy, so loving…
    She’s a massive gift to this world! A Master Lightworker of high value (or what are the words we should use here?)
    Thank you so much Marieke, for your gifts and power, many many blessings and love.


  • Biggest win: more self confidence!

    I chose Marieke because I was in a difficult stage of my life where everything in my mind and body was out of balance. I knew what was causing it but could not calm myself and felt anxious constantly. With her program, Marieke is able to remove any blocks so that everything could flow again. She is very skilled and at the same time, I really don’t know anyone who is so emphatic and interested. She intuitively knows what is going on, is very sensitive and is really tuned in to you. She provided me with a lot of insights and the biggest win out of all of this was true confidence in myself. She is my angel!

    Brigitte Nijman

  • Life Changing!

    I had one session with Marieke and it was life changing. I felt like I received a decade of realisations and shifts within one hour and I’m blown away. As someone who has been a clinical hypnotherapist for the last 6 years – I can safely say I need to change profession and learn the magic of what she does. Could not recommend highly enough. Thank you Marieke for your wonderful heart!

    Lester Savage

  • Thank you, Marieke!

    I have just had 2 sessions with Marieke and she is a wonderful intuitive coach who has this energy insight that made me feel like she was reading my mind from 40-50 years ago. I had a very happy childhood but knew that I was holding myself back a bit in business and even had some physical symptoms of an unexplained illness, which I knew to be a big indicator that all was not quite right. Marieke was able to show me what energy I had been holding in my body that was from “frozen” emotions I had felt long ago as a child and how I had almost abandoned my “true” self . I felt wonderful after the session today and feel that I now truly have “permission” to be myself and to finally step into my own power of who I truly am. I loved this and would not hesitate to recommend Marieke and the process that she provides – truly revolutionary!

    Nicky Price

  • Deeply Grateful

    I had 2 sessions with Marieke so far. Her work is powerful. I find myself in deep knowing that there is nothing to fix. That I am profoundly connected to Source no matter what.
    I am in awe of what Marieke is bringing to the sessions. Powerful intuition pin-pointing the blind spots. Deeply compassionate space holding healing the deepest wounds. Sparkling sense of humour dissolving everything into lightness.
    Moving through deep grief into champagne bubbles and rainbows. Moving through resistance to clear and powerful decision to change my life. Arriving to a beautiful place of ’nothing to fix’. With the help of others too, but Marieke’s sessions were pivotal. I feel deeply grateful.


  • A gift to be grabbed with both hands

    Marieke is an incredible coach, intuitive, energy worker and inner joy facilitator. When I crossed paths with Marieke I was in a dark hole and really struggling to find my true north. I was sad, depressed, feeling totally disillusioned by life and my health was constantly an uphill battle. I felt stuck in a loop of self doubt and self pity. Marieke’s fearlessness to take an incredible stand for me sent waves of joy and self activation through my field. I felt held, heard and not only that but deeply empowered as her vast knowledge and skill set blasted it’s way through my self made prison, creating a profound sense of light and possibility, bringing me back to alignment.
    This in turn created a path for me to walk, empowered in my truth and able to navigate my circumstances. Including facilitating a deep healing after the loss of my life long best friend. 6 months on and I have launched my first business, I have started writing music and producing again, my health is a far cry from the constantly sick version of me and whilst life inevitably has its twists and turns I am able to proactively manage those moments with grace and return back to my vision with clarity and a deep sense of purpose. To work with Marieke is truly a gift to be grabbed with both hands as it will leave you skipping for joy in the direction of your heart’s greatest desire. With love and sincere gratitude, thank you for being you Marieke this earth is more beautiful for having you on it!!


  • I have Big Dreams

    Working with Marieke is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.
    She is the kind of coach that truly pushes you out of your comfort zone and holds you accountable to your highest and best vision for your life.
    As a result of working with Marieke. I have brought into my current reality the clear action. I need to take to make my dreams come true. I think she is a shaman. She has incredible tools to release deep subconscious blocks, so that I can do what needs to be done to create the life I want.
    I look forward to continuing our working relationship together. Because I have big dreams. And that requires me to always be living and taking action from the razors edge of my comfort zone and that requires a real coach, a real coach like Marieke

    Nadia Vanessa Rose

  • Thanks to Marieke I have my life back

    “ I had my doubts. But after many years without true progress, I felt such a deep desire for change.. So I allowed myself this program with Marieke. A former police detective with a background in family constellations must have life experience and be strong, robust and compassionate. I felt immediately that she would deliver quality…. The effects of working with Marieke are no less than a miracle for me. During the sessions we dove deep and got to the root of the problem so the effect is much broader. I live more relaxed, move and talk easier. My gaze is calm. I am clearer and more present. Thanks to Marieke I have my life back!”

    Lida (43)

  • The only way out of my old patterns

    After going through a whole range of therapies, I thought that I could not progress any further and felt dispirited. I can really recommend working with Marieke: a whole new world opens up to you. It was not always easy but 100% worth the effort. Marieke is compassionate, resolute and will not tolerate nonsense. She makes you feel safe. Marieke will hold up a realistic mirror for you in a way that really benefits you. This is not always easy but was the only was out of my old patterns that did not bring me joy. It had given me a lot already. I have more confidence in myself, I can put things in perspective better and my panic attacks improved 80%.


  • An excellent “cocktail”

    “I choose for Marieke because she combines RTT with other methods and coaching. This created an excellent ‘cocktail’of strategies to deal with personal challenges. It brought me a lot of new and valuable insights. I really liked the open and direct communication style of Marieke. At the same time, she asks for a strong commitment. I also liked the fact that Marieke checked in after the sessions to ask how I was doing and what the impact was.”


  • A super emphatic no-nonsense lady

    What I really like about Marieke’s way of working is that she keeps asking and checking what you want to get out of the sessions and that she does her thing that organically grows, that is why I always feel renewed and energized with new insights after a session. Marieke has a huge empathy and a magical way to exactly sense where things are stuck.
    A very intuitive way she guides me to a next step in my development time and time again. Very cautious and encouraging when she felt that I was in a difficult place, and to the point when I was stuck in a loop of self pity. She has been my biggest support. All sessions where by phone for me, which provided an extra dimension of safety and intensity. Marieke is brutally honest and very straight forward which I find to be a real gift. I think Marieke can be best characterized as a super emphatic and no-nonsense lady. She evaluates and uses new techniques on different levels. She mixes them in a very natural way that brought me the right insights at the right time.

    Charlotte van Broekhoven, Antwerpen

  • Sessions still resonating..

    The sessions with Marieke gave me a lot of positive energy. Until today the sessions resonate in a positive way and impacted my inner world and actions.


  • Changed a lot for me

    ‘Marieke is a very committed and engaged coach, that provides you with a lot of support during the process. The sessions have changed a lot for me, I feel more connected to my heart, feel more self-love, enjoy life more and have more energy. I also look at health and processes in the body in a different way now, and how my mind influences them. I can really recommend her!”


  • More calm and confident

    The session gave me a lot of insights. I listened to the audio every day for 4 weeks and could really go back to the feeling I had during the session, I thought it was a liberating experience: deep relaxation and letting go of what you don’t need. I felt more calm and confident and find it easier to make choices. You coached me extremely well and intuitively knew what was needed during the process. I did not expect the impact to be that big. What a present, thank you !

    C.B. (35)

  • 100% worth the investment!

    100% worth the investment! Marieke is a friendly, warm, honest and resolute woman. She listened to me closely and because of that we were able to set good goals. Marieke comes across as really committed and engaged and gave me the feeling that she really wanted to help me. She is also very professional in her way of working. What has really changed most after the session was the way I communicated with others. I speak my mind more and it does not bother me what others think or feel. I feel more at ease with others. Perhaps more self confidence?

    Nora Dalal, female, 38

  • Wholeheartedly recommended

    Did a coaching session about my paranoia about having a fat stomach when I know I am not fat! She handled me with sensitivity and expertly took me back to the reasons why I had this paranoia, which were completely new to me but made perfect sense. I felt safe and relaxed through the whole session. Marieke made an excellent recording for me to listen to afterwards, I love the power Marieke put into this recording and I feel it every time I listen to it. Since the session and listening to the recording, I feel much more confident about my stomach, and have noticed an overall improvement in confidence, all of a sudden I feel confident not wearing make-up when my friend came over! This has never happened to me before!! I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off me and would whole heartedly recommend her.

    Stella (53)

  • Healed me on a deep level

    My RTT session with Marieke has healed me on a deep level. She was able to connect with me, understand me and quickly put me at ease. She expertly untangled a complex web of trauma around my childhood in a way that felt totally safe, incredibly empowering and absolutely liberating. She was not afraid to tackle difficult emotions, permanently transforming my energy and my outlook. I literally felt lighter and brighter at the end of the session and still do. I am now ready to bring more of myself into this world. Thank you so much!

    Ira (44)