Educate Yourself
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Educate Yourself

If working with me 1:1 is not possible right now and you are going through a rough time I advise you to continue your search for guidance and support.

There are amazing guides, coaches and mentors out there, don’t give up, keep going! 

Another way to set yourself free is by educating yourself. 

If you want to start learning about the methods and tools I use in my 1:1 coaching, these books are a great start… 

There is not 1 Silver Bullet that changes it all…. 

But there are really amazing books that can guide you and inspire you on your Journey in Life. These books have all been an important part in my journey. Educating me on Magic, Intuition, The Power of The Mind, The Power of Perception and how opening up your awareness to the full story always brings you back to love and your authentic self.

Books have always been the starting points of my education. 

They always introduced me to new thoughts, perceptions, expanding my consciousness to what else is out there. 

After reading these I joined the courses and trainings of these amazing teachers to dive deeper and get trained to facilitate the processes and use the tools. They are not party tricks but a Way of Life for me now. I live the Magician’s Way, I apply the Secrets of Natural Success, I have done the Breakthrough Experience, will continue to do it as often as I need and look at life differently because of it. 

I know my Highest Values and design my daily actions to align to them. I have broken the habit of being my old self, meditate on a daily basis and I will continue to do so as each new level requires a new self… 

My coaching style is a mix and match of all my education and trainings for the past 15 years, but certainly also the wisdom, golden nuggets, tools and teachings from these books. 

Click on them to go to the store that sell them and start educating yourself today. (No, I don’t get paid by Amazon.) 

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