SUPERCONSCIOUS training Session
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SUPERCONSCIOUS training Session

Hey, delighted to have you here!

Mindset is the most important aspect of creating the life you love. With the right mindset you are limitless. You can create it all by focusing on end results and creating the right structure that works.

But just like a computer or a car you need maintenance. It sounds funny maybe, but just think of it like this… You are the captain of a ship, the right mindset makes you an excellent captain, you can conquer any storm and arrive at any destination you like, but if there’s a leak or too much baggage the ship will be slow no matter how good a captain you are.

Your are a magnificent human being that is much more than the thoughts in your head.

Your whole system runs on memories, memories you’ve been gathering from the moment of conception. They are stored away in you unconscious and subconscious mind. They help you ride a bike without having to think about it, help you eat on automatic pilot etc etc… but they can also slow you down.

Some of the memories that subconsciously run the show have been passed on to you through your DNA. This means that even though you have set sail for a certain destination you might find yourself procrastinating or even self sabotaging. This can be caused by subconscious programming. This programming consists of outdated and redundant beliefs, memories, and perceptions that were very helpful to past generations or younger versions of you but are now in the way of making it big, or enjoying your success.

During this session we will dive deep and clear all the resistance that is in the way of you breaking through to your next level or you enjoying your new levels of success

This session will help you take action on your desired end results faster and easier. And it will help you reach a level of ease and enjoyment about what you are creating

In order for you to get the most out of your session, I have created a short training video that will prep your Superconsious prior to our session together. There’s no need to fully comprehend or memorise. Just watch once before the session and you’re all set.