Work with Me
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Work with Me

SuperConscious Recode 90 min $225

An incredible thing about the mind is that it has the ability to recode and rewire any and all outdated and redundant programming from the past. This is through all time and space. The mind holds all memories from this lifetime and others and some of the memories of ancestors, these memories are associated to emotions, sometimes causing us to experience emotions in the now that belong to the past, This can cause us to freeze, hold back, not step up, not leave our comfort zone even though we want to grow, shine and live our most authentic and version. The emotions linked to the memories of the past can make us play small and not live our true nature and purpose. The SuperConscious part of your brain can easily neutralise these emotions and rewire any patterns and programming holding you back. The memories are not erased, the wisdom and knowledge from these experiences stays, but the triggering emotions are neutralised. This way you get to base your decisions on the here and now and not on emotions from the past.

3 Session Package $600,-

6 Session Package $1200,-

Intuitive Energy Reading 60 min $150,-

Being a highly intuitive empath enables me to read energy at a very detailed level. It is very easy for me to read the energy of a business, relationship or even an audience. People are not able to see their own blindspots, that is why they are called blindspots. Sometimes we get stuck not knowing why. An Intuitive Energy Reading can give incredible insight into what is holding you back or keeping you stuck.

Deep Cleanse Intensive 120min

During this session we will dive deep. Using all tools I have trained and mastered in over the past 15 years. We will work with the SuperConscious part of your brain, your Higher Self, work with Pure Energy through NPA so you can shift into the identity of your Higher Self, use self directed compassion through Compassion Key, I will use my intuition to get a detailed and precise reading on your blind spots, through all time and space, During the reading we get to see any past life experiences or ancestral memories that might still play a role in this life. Using a combination of tools allows for a holistic approach that cleanses on a deep and profound level. It will be easier to embody your Highest and elevate your frequency to your most Authentic and Aligned Successful Self.