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Blog Coaching

Coaching is designed to bring the best out in people. Coaching is not meant to fix you, for you are not broken, nor is it meant to fix your problems for you. Coaching is a wonderful way to get to know yourself better, to zoom in on what it is that you love, what is important to you. Coaching is more than just a good conversation as it gets you closer to your truth. Coaching will get you more authentic as it is no longer about your core competencies or what results you can deliver for others, But what results can you deliver for yourself that make you fulfilled? A lot of people come to the point in their lives where things have lost their sparkle, what used to bring them joy now doesn’t anymore.. They have been there, done that, worked hard and partied hard, have jumped all the hoops, created massive successes, but now it is no longer the same. The motivation is gone. They run on automatic pilot and haven’t had a moment to think about what it is that they love. Their agenda’s have been booked full for months maybe years and what used to be fun is now a job it hasn’t brought the excitement it used to in a loooong time… They can’t remember having a real conversation that mattered and exhaustion has become a permanent state… They crave change but are stuck in habitual thought patterns and have minds that are stressed all the time. Coaching will make them slow down, breathe and zoom in on what is important TO THEM…  The quality questions will get them back in touch with that inner voice, the creative, the innovative visions, the sparkle… It creates time to reflect and become authentic again. It zooms in on what really matters and what the legacy is they want to create. What change inspires them and what they want to get involved in. How their highest values can be of service to others and what to create that makes a difference to them. Good quality coaching conversations can change the lives of people who are dedicated to change and make the most out of their lives. Coaching will bring your mojo back.

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