Single sessions vs Long Term Relationship
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Single sessions vs Long Term Relationship

Single sessions vs Long Term Relationship

Back in the day, like almost any starting coach, I used to do a lot of single sessions. Even though I was advised against it by my teachers of The International Coach Academy. I was very eager and wanted to coach as many people as possible. The drawbacks of these single sessions where that it didn’t really got the clients into action. It changed their perception on a certain subject they chose for the coaching session, but it did not set up a structure for them to take action on the insights. There were no end results chosen beyond the intention for the session. 

What I noticed for myself while doing these back-to-back 1:1 i hour sessions was that it really drained my energy. Even though I was doing what I love doing, it was not giving me the fulfilment I was after. The fulfilment for me is the coaching being part of a bigger creative process. Where there is an end result that the client loves to create in their life. Fulfilment for me is in facilitating actual change, guiding my clients on creating what they love , challenging and supporting them on the journey of creating big results, actually going next level. What I  love is inspiring people, asking quality questions that expand their awareness about themselves, that make them realise there is nothing wrong with them, that they are not broken and do not need fixing. I love helping people break free from the perceptions and mental constructs that keep them locked inside fear, dimming their light and playing small. I love asking questions that open their hearts to themselves and helping them create the life they really love, expressing their Genius, connecting them to their creativity, grace and gratitude. Now this takes diving deep, being honest and really getting to know yourself.  Real change does not happen over night. It takes hard, consistent work, a willingness to really look at and see yourself, owning all your traits, talents and gifts and rediscovering what life is all about for you. What makes you feel inspired, what makes you want to get up in the morning. Pivoting focus to what it is that you would love to do and keeping that focus there, takes time, dedication and following through. You have to break out of your daily habits. Now this can be daunting and exhausting, I know… been there done that… but it is the most gratifying journey ever. Being able to see life as happening for you instead of against you and knowing you create it all is extremely empowering. It is, however, a journey that happens over time … Not a waiving of the Magic Wand and then all is fixed in one session kinda thing…

So the moment I felt my energy being depleted by all these single 1 hr sessions not going anywhere, is the moment I stopped doing them and I started to connect to what it is that I love to be of service to which is personal development and self discovery.

So I started to provide tailor made programs that support people on their Journey to inspiration, growth and deep insights about self. The moment I started to focus on the end results I wanted to provide for my clients, is the moment I started to create them. The moment I started to define them, what it actually was that I wanted for my clients beyond the coaching, is the moment the program started to fall into place.

I now do one day intensives where we work together for a full day (6/7hrs). I love these as they allow me to give it my all, I do readings, healings, coaching, circle work, spirit writing , we dive deep en clear anything in the way of opening the heart and stepping into complete self love and acceptance…

It is a great way to get to know each other better and see if we are a good fit, to see if the energies match and it would be beneficial to work together for a longer term. 

Some people need more time to process so we split the intensive up in 2 or 3 sessions. 

When the match is good and it feels right for us both we step into a longer collaboration. This is always about gaining insights about self and life, knowing what it is that you are really about, your why, your mission, your passion, opening up to yourself so you can love yourself more, accept yourself more and create a life that is truly fulfilling for you. 

I help people go next level in life by challenging them and supporting them, so they gain clarity on who they are, what is really true for them, what inspires them and what action to take to get them to where they want to be, but most of all I guide them home to themselves, their truth and their innate wisdom. I help them open their hearts so they can listen to what inspires them most in life and reconnect to joy.

Guiding people on this journey is incredibly inspiring, energising and satisfying and a big part of the life I love.  



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