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My whole life I perceived myself to be too sensitive, I only saw the negative side. It was handy sometimes because I seemed to have access to more information others did, but I saw way more drawbacks then benefits. Situations could overwhelm me, people who were stressed, stressed me out. It was difficult for me to see people grieving or in pain as I could feel their pain. What confused me the most was when people where oblivious to what was going on in their energy field. So when people stuck their head in the sand and didn’t take 100% responsibility for their growth and personal development, had a tendency to lean back and blame others, it would really cause stress in me.  I later found out that one of my Highest Values in life is Personal Development and Personal Growth. So when others don’t have this as their highest values and don’t invest in themselves, dig deep and grow I would judge them for it. That judgement than triggered a storm of emotions inside me, triggering me even more. Now that I know everybody has their own sets of values and they operate from them I can do a quick assessment and see I am simply projecting my highest values on to them. 

But what I also learned as a coach, is that my sensitivity is a Super Power, my intuition and ability to read peoples energies and see what is subconsciously going on for them can really help them go next level on their growth, fast. My clients highly value my intuition and it is usually one of the main reasons they hire me as their coach. Because it accelerates their growth. It detects blindspots and the perceptions that get them stuck much faster. My clients have a need for insight and crave going next level, they want to learn how to connect to their own intuition and innate wisdom. The higher intelligence that is in us all. 

So as my perception on sensitivity changed from a curse to a blessing and I stopped trying to turn it off or prevent it from happening, I noticed it didn’t bother me as much anymore. It is now “allowed” to be there. As I stopped judging it as a nuisance or being difficult and started seeing it as a Super Power I could actually play with it. It is now an effective tool that I use to be off service to my clients who have expressed their need for it and I use it for myself to continuously grow and go next level with. It no longer overwhelms me or gives me stress as it I have accepted it as part of me. Now, it is much easier to recognise what is mine and what is someone else’s. A

Change your perception, change your life.  


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