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A trigger is the core basic principle belief you attached to an unmet need in childhood

NEEDS are not luxury they are always associated with survival 

Not being safe, loved, heard, seen etc always equals death or the threat of death to a child

When your needs were not met you made that personal, about you… 

I am not seen because … I don’t belong

I am not loved because… I am not capable

I am not safe because…. 

It is safer to make it about you as a 2 year old, because you cannot phantom living in a world with parents that have something wrong with them… They are the grownups your safety-net, your “normal”, you depend on for food and shelter.

You make sense of the situation by blaming yourself because you cannot blame your parents. The world would be too unsafe to live in. This gives a sense of control back, because if you are at fault you can change your behavior. You can make yourself smaller, not act in a way that offends or keep your mouth shut… 

So a trigger happens when a situation in the now reminds your subconscious of when your basic needs where not met as a child and the program associated to the decisions you made around that (the limiting beliefs you created) starts running 

Back then that was how you survived and kept yourself safe, now it is getting in the way…

Its like your GPS being programmed when you were 2 years old and those coordinates override the new destination you want to go to and are still determining the route you take… 

Its with the old computers when you tried to type in text but it kept ending up being screwed and then you pressed f5 and you could see in the coding “underwater” that there was still a hard return somewhere or a code for bold not allowing you to type where or what or how you wanted … 

Coaching, Recodes and intuitive circle work are like pressing F5 on your system. You see where it is programmed wrong and once you see it, it is no longer secretly running the show, but you get to choose whether it is true/still relevant or not. You get your (decision)power back

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